Out Of Body Experiences

This page includes:
An Out Of Body Experience FAQ that will try to answer every question you might have about Out Of Body Experiences.
Will learn you most of the techniques there is to leave your body.
A long list that will give you a taste of what you can do outside your body.
A Treatise on Astral Projection by a highly experienced person in the area of Out of Body Experiences.

An Out of body experience is when you find yourself outside your own body, you might find yourself in your own bedroom thinking that you are awake, but as you look down on your bed do you see your own physical body. The shock sends you straight back to your body. Many people have experiences like this, about 10-20% of the worlds population. But this isn't just something that happen by accident. With practice and the right techniques can you learn to leave your own physical body. And this is certainly worth the time. Not only is the experience of being free from your physical body both fun and belief-changing, but the experiences open for new useful possibilities. While outside your body can you view the world without using your physical senses. You can instantaneous travel from one place to an another. You can communicate with other spirits. They may, or may not have a physical body. This is where the most common experiences stop. But you should also remain open to the possiblity of interacting with physical matter. Moving, forming, dissolving and creating it. Generating sounds, heat, light, magnetism, electricity is also possible. With enough spiritual energy can you create a temporary body that can interact with the physical world. Such a body can take any form and look you want it to have, and you might operate with it in the physical world as it was your own physical body. But you can still with a temp body move instantaneous from one point to an another. While doing this can you also bring also any desired object, like fruits. You can use an out of body experience to move your physical body from one place to an another. But this require a lot of spiritual energy. You can also travel in time while outside your body, so you can see how things have been, or how things will look like in the future. Two spirits can agree on exchanging bodies. And you can also travel around and heal people.

As you might understand is there many reasons to be interested in Out of Body Experiences