This page will learn you:
Will tell you know you can read at such high speeds.
If you want to activate what you learn should you learn Lucid Dreaming.
Another alternative activation method is ImageStreaming.

MindReading is a name for a technique that will learn people to read at amazing 1 million words per minute. Normal reading speed is 200-300 words per minute, so you may realized that this isn't in any way normal reading or speed reading. This is giving reading a whole new approach. You use that powerful subconscious we all have. Our subconscious can process enourmous amount of information in very little time. It also record everything we experience to the smallest detail. There is almost no limit as to how much information we can send to the subconscious each second for processing. So by using the right technology and software can we reach speeds as high as 1 million words per minute. In order to reach so high do you need a computer and the right software. The computer need to be able to play 30 frames per second with about 550 words per frame. But we want the subconscious to pick up as much information as possible. So you need to go down in Theta state before the reading starts. Or also called the flow state. The software will aslo assist in this with a flashing screen in the Theta area and binaural beats in the Theta area. The software will be able to play text files, or you have the option to search on keyword on the Internet and later be able to MindRead that when the downloading is finished. You attention has to be taken from the text too. So there will be found stereograms in the backgroud that you might place your attention. Under techniques will you also learn how to use normal books. The actual MindReading is easy. Activating what you have read is a little more difficult. This is where Lucid Dreaming and ImageStreaming enter the picture. A little practice is needed to get good at that. Lucid Dreaming is best, easiest and most fun. Good Luck!

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