Lucid Dreaming

This page includes:
Explains what happen when you dream, how you can dream more, what to eat, sleep stages and a Dream FAQ can also be found.
A Lucid Dreaming FAQ that will try to answer every question you might have about Lucid Dreaming.
Will learn you most of the techniques there is to achieve a Lucid Dream.
A long list that will give you a taste of the enourmous uses of Lucid Dreaming.
A course on consciousness by a highly experienced Lucid Dreamer.
Will learn you the ability to generate controlled hallucinations so that one can experience realistically whatever you are able to imagine.

Lucid dreaming is one of the most wonderful experience you might have. It is much better than watching TV, or even Virtual Reality. It is about creating a new reality that is completely real to you! There are no laws keeping you from doing what you want to do. You can do whatever you want and see whatever you want. There are no limits. If you take a look under possibilities will you maybe see some uses that you didn't know was possible.

Our subconscious is very powerful. It has access to enourmous amounts of information and are able to process very fast. You release your mental powers when you dream. So lucid dreaming is not only letting your imagination run wild, but is also great for problem solving.

So start making use of your sleep. We spend half our life in the bed, why not make it a fun, useful and entertaining experience, instead of not remembering that other half of your life. If I hadn't found out what lucid dreaming was, then that would probably be the situation for me.