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This page will learn you:
You have a lucid dream when you are aware that you are dreaming. You may have full control over your dream.
An Out of Body Experience is when your spirit leave your body.
A new way of reading that lets you read up to 1 million words per minute, the normal speed is 200 words per minute.

After reading this site will you should with some practice be able to:
  • Have full control over your dreams
  • Let your spirit leave your body
  • Read 1 million word per minute

    This site has a goal of becoming a resource center for topics related to The Lucid Mind, such as Lucid Dreaming, Out of Body Experiences and something we call MindReading. We are currently developing the software that will enable you to read your mind at amazing speeds up to one million words per minute! The software will be available here as soon as we are able to create a working prototype. This site has just launched, so you might expect to see many updates in the coming future. We hope you will enjoy your stay here!

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